The Return of The Orca

Shamu is back, and that is not a good thing!  I’m sitting here on a Sunday morning watching The Jetsons on Cartoon Network to try to scrub my mind of the horrible dream I had last night that featured, the ultimate haunter of me, orca whales!  I guess a few days ago I wished to be able to get my vivid dreams back, and you know what they say…  Be careful of what you wish for!

So this is what happened.  I was in Hawaii with my family, although it didn’t look like Hawaii.  It looked like Lake Powell, but with white sand and crystal clear ocean water.  We were on a big giant boat, similar to a transport boat they use when you are going to Catalina Island.  I was on the top deck, looking over the rail with my dad, when one of those sneaky little suckers popped up and started swimming by our boat.  It was a really weird looking orca, like it had fur.  My dad told me that was his winter coat, which meant he was really hungry.  The first one left soon, and we were still on our little cruise to nowhere, when another one came and started swimming by our boat.  With every jump and crest by the whale, our boat rocked.  I was so scared of the rocking, that I had to hold on to the rail, which meant I also had to watch the whale.  My dad told me that they were just “dolphining” and it was fine, so don’t be scared.  Ya right!  They are still wearing their winter coats and my boat is rocking!  As we rode our boat, this happened several times.  We go in to this weird bay where we see this giant pontoon style boat that is made completely of blue inflatable plastic, the kind that water wings are made of.  I think to myself, “Hey, at least I’m not on that boat!  The orcas would definitely sink that!”  True to dreams, the moment I thought that, I was suddenly in a hybrid inflatable boat/recliner in the water.  Rachel was floating next to me and told me that whales don’t come in the bay, but even if they did, as long as I stayed out of the water I would be fine.  Of course, right by my leg I notice an inch long cut in my inflatable recliner.  I moved my leg to cover it up, but then my leg fell asleep and I had to move it, then I started sinking.  Just as I was sinking and saw those SUPER creepy dorsal fins heading my way, I woke myself up.

Just in the nick of time!  I really do like that I had a dream that I could remember, but really?  Whales?  I hate them!  It is true, though.  If you start keeping track of your dreams, you start dreaming more and remembering them.  Let’s just hope they get a lot less scary from here.  On a positive note, it kept me from sleeping in for Daylight Savings.  (Side note, searching for an image for this blog post was horrifying!  I decided if I searched costume, it would be a lot less scary, so that is why we have the Shamu mascot.  I can handle that, mostly… )


Is It Kool to be Kind or Kruel to be Kind?

We’ve all been there.  You come across someone who is hurting in some way, whether physically or emotionally.  You go to comfort them and HI-YA!  You are karate chopped right in the feelings!  After that, all you want to do is karate them back, or at least step on their toe, but they’re already hurt, and it’s not cool to hurt someone who is already hurt.  So, you just apologize again and walk away.

I don’t understand this.  I mean, I understand feeling awkward about it, maybe.  Definitely feeling grateful for recognizing that something isn’t right.  I even understand an explosion of tears.  Ladies, tell me a time when you were upset and you called your mom and DIDN’T burst in to tears when she asks what is bothering you.  Those are all completely acceptable.  But criticizing someone’s kind words, slapping away a comforting hand, or other rude reactions are not normal.

I try really hard to be a compassionate person.  This is something that is not always natural for me, depending on the situation.  For one, I am not always eloquent, especially when I am thinking on my feet.  I’m a major word jumbler.  Next, it depends on who you are.  If you are a hurt or sad child, animal, or little old person, I don’t have a problem offering condolences.  If you are someone who I have an established relationship or friendship with, I will probably ask you what you need without a second thought or care as to how it would inconvenience me.  I would make it happen for you.  But if I don’t really know you well, I probably won’t even notice there is a problem.  Even with close friends, I sometimes don’t recognize there is an issue until someone else points it out.  I’m not emotionally observant and if I don’t have an established emotional connection with you, I’m going to feel all sorts of awkward having the first connection being over you being hurt.  Those are situations where it is hard for me.  I obviously would notice if you had a big gash in your head.  Just know if you trip and fall in front of me, my reaction is always to laugh first.  Don’t feel bad.  I just really enjoy seeing a good fall.  It’s not personal.  I’ll still help you up!

I’m not going to stop being nice to people just because I get a good loogie to the face (or feelings) here and there when I try to be nice, but COME ON!  Can people just be nice in return?  Nobody is entitled to kindness.  It is something that is always conditional upon what the other person wants to give you.  You definitely should be treated with kindness, but it isn’t something that you are entitled to.  So don’t bark at someone who is offering you something like that.  It is just silly, and I guarantee nobody is going to continue to come to your aide if that is how they are treated when they do.  A good, simple, “Thank you!” goes a long way!  Saying nothing is even better than being mean.  Even if the person who is offering kind words has monstrous dragon breath or accidentally touches your stitches (gross).  They’re trying their best and their heart is in the right place.  Maybe you should check where you left yours, and return kindness with kindness.  Love always, CoCo!

What Dreams May Come

“To Sleep, perchance to dream.  Ay, there’s the rub.”  ~Shakespeare’s Hamlet (I actually still have most of that soliloquy memorized, thank you to Mrs. Erin Jensen… Love that woman!)

I’ve always been a rather vivid dreamer.  I can tell you in great detail a nightmare I had when I was in preschool where turquoise and purple frogs were loose all over Annabella and if you didn’t keep your mouth closed, they would jump in it and become chewing gum, then you would die.  Another one about a random boy I saw one day who was walking down the road having a nosebleed and then appeared in my dream as this strange time jumper who took me to these fabulous places.  Oh, and dreams are, by the way, where my fear of orcas comes from.  I went through a good solid 5 or 6 years where I dreamed nightly of them swimming after me and eating me or trapping me.  Prior to that, I actually quite liked orcas.  However, the intensity and clarity of my dreams ruined that for me, and now orca sighting = tears and fetal position.  I’m the kind of person who, if I had a dream about you, will probably continue whatever feeling I had towards you in my dream when I wake up, at least for a little while.  Alternatively, I will just feel awkward for whatever role my subconscious decided to cast you in.  I feel like some dreams I have had have been sheer entertainment for myself, and others have been meaningful, whether it is my inner Jiminy Cricket trying to talk to me or God or whatever.  Those dreams I don’t really talk about openly, because they could also mean that I am SUPER nuts.

It’s kind of been bothering me as of late that I have not been sleeping well.  I don’t really know why.  I keep myself pretty busy, so maybe it is just the fact that I don’t really ever give my mind a good chance to unwind.  The cogs are always turning… I really like living in my dream world.  My dreams were, for a time, the place where I would escape my reality that I wasn’t happy with and enjoy whatever bliss my mind had created for me.  I definitely followed the Cinderella way of thinking, “A dream is a wish your heart makes when you’re fast asleep.  In dreams you will  lose your heartaches.  Whatever you wish for, you keep.  Have faith in your dreams and someday your rainbow will come smiling through.  No matter how your heart is grieving, if you keep on believing, the dream that you wish will come true.”  (birds come and sing to me in the shower and give me sponge baths, too.)  Lately I don’t really have that little escape.  I’d love to go back and visit that place!  I’m pretty happy in my life right now, so maybe I just don’t need my little dreams anymore, but I really miss being able to just put an inner tube around my waste and start jumping then being able to fly.  It was quite a handy skill.

So, I’ve decided I am going to start keeping a dream journal to see if these dreams start reappearing.  If anything entertaining comes up, I’ll share it with you.  I think that dreams are an important part of me, fostering the creative liberties that my mind decides to take on its own.  So, for tonight, this is my lullaby.  Never Neverland, from Peter Pan the Musical.  (I LOVE the Mary Martin version the very best!)

I’ll keep you posted on the oddities that or born from my head, and please don’t use them as evidence that I belong in the looney bin.  At least, if I am nuts, I am somewhat entertaining, if only to myself.  So now, off to find my dreams!  All you need is faith and trust… and a little bit of pixie dust!

I Love Technologeeee! Sort of…

So I have been neglecting my little blog.  Sorry.  Life’s been busy.  However, in all my busy blunders, I did manage to go shopping.  In my shopping, I made a realization.  I have a real love/hate relationship with technology.  Yes, there is a connection, even if it is a “CoCo connection” (these are my own little versions of logic chains… They’re probably not logical to anyone but myself).

I love technology with bras.  Yep, bras.  My sister and I went to Victoria’s Secret and decided to get “fitted” for bras.  Apparently you are supposed to do this around once a year because your bra size can change a lot depending on weight and hormone fluctuations.  Even though my sister and I have the same bra size (is this getting too personal?), the different technology built in to the different bras gave us each a very different result, and we both got bras with different technologies.  I am obsessed with under things, so this was very exciting for me.

I hate technology in phones.  My cell phone doesn’t work in the mall.  I have T-mobile’s top of the line cell phone and, for some reason, if I am in certain stores I drop calls or have no service.  This is rather inconvenient if you need a second opinion on a purchase, are trying to multi-task and are talking to someone else while shopping, or are trying to meet up with people who are already in the mall.  That last inconvenience is even more inconvenient if they are in a store where they don’t get reception, either.  On the same note, I hate it in movie theaters as well.  My friend Steve and I went to see The Artist, and a really ignorant patron decided to text through the whole movie.  Steve leaned forward and asked him to stop.  After the movie was over, Steve and I were watching the credits and this man took his SWEET time getting his jacket on to leave. (At this point, I am sure Steve’s adrenaline was pumping, thinking he was going to have to defend his right to watch a movie without a glowing screen from the seat in front of him.  It’s a good thing it didn’t come to that, for the man’s sake.  I was wearing killer spikey heels.)  Then, the man leans over the seats and says, “Hey man, sorry if I bothered you.  I found out my mom died,” then he walked off.  My response was a loud laugh followed by shouting “LIAR!”  Really?  Your mom dies and you just sit in the theater and watch the rest of the movie?  If it was a death that was slow and gradual, why aren’t you with your family?  And if it was an accident and sudden, wouldn’t you get up and walk out in a panic?  People are weird… At least I got a good laugh out of the situation.  I wish they could just swap this so you ALWAYS had reception in the mall and never had reception in the theater.  THAT is technology I could get behind.

I love technology with online shopping.  About a week and a half ago, I got my personalized Hunger Games water bottle and my D.I.P., that’s a District Identification Pass for those of you not up on the lingo (I was assigned in District 4 as a ship captain).  This put me on a dorkfest overload!  I am sure there are places locally that I could have something like this created, but because it was online and already created by the Hunger Games publicity machine, I just clicked and to my door it came!  I now can proudly sport my water bottle and flash my D.I.P. because of technology.  YAY!

I hate technology with music.  I know that I am the type of person who would still love vinyls if I ever had a turntable and knew how to use one.  I still buy all my music on CDs.  I do not own an iPod.  I strongly resist change in this area.  I used to have an iPod and actively used iTunes.  All it took was being burned by Apple twice to decide that these were not for me, one time when my computer crashed and I learned I had to rebuy all my lost downloads and the second when Mad Men only downloaded the HD version that was not compatible with my computer I had at the time and wouldn’t download the non-HD version without buying the season pass again.  I HATE the Apple monopoly, but don’t get me started on that…  I also hate making my own playlists.  They take too much time and effort.  If I want to listen to something, I typically am in a mood to listen to that artist in general, so popping in their CD is much easier than making a playlist.  No matter what happens to my computer, I still have my CDs.  My resistance to technology in this category isn’t new, either.  I also held on to tapes for as long as I possibly could.  My parents bought me a new stereo for my car when I was a teenager, and I demanded one with a tape deck (I used a tape/CD converter with my discman for CDs at that time) because I wanted the option to listen to my tapes.  So I will happily go to Target to buy the Kelly Clarkson CD when I am on a Stronger kick, which I did within the past couple of weeks.

So there’s my little tangent this week on technology, and I do realize the irony of this being on a blog written from a laptop.