Men Who Date Democrats

I was at a party a while ago, and a person who I am acquaintances with came and started to talk with me.  I think he must have thought that we were better friends than we were, because he said to me, “So, you’re a democrat, right?  How do you date?!”  I am sure the look on my face was priceless.  First of all, I have no idea how he knew that about me.  We had mutual friends, had been in similar social circles, and were Facebook friends, but I am pretty selective with whom I talk to about politics in depth.  At that point, I hadn’t posted a lot of political opinions on Facebook because I don’t think it is the place for it (it is an election year, so I have broken my own cardinal law here and there, but hadn’t at the point this conversation was taking place).  I guess he had looked at my “About Me” section (stalker?) and saw the words “Blue Dog Dem” next to my political views?  No clue, but awkward.  Secondly, I was shocked that someone was so closed minded to think that anyone’s political opinions meant that they would not be getting dates.  It honestly has not been a problem for me.  Sure, it may keep me from dating someone seriously, because our opinions drive each other crazy (two way street there), but I still seem to be able to date without a problem.  It is a first date topic, however, because I use their reaction to my basic views as a way to see if they can hang with a CoCo sized attitude.  So, in the spirit of his strange, somewhat misogynistic question, I decided to write a blog post about why men should be THRILLED when they get the opportunity to date a democrat.  I will use the issues the DNC published as the top issues important to democrats as my foundation. You can visit that site here for more information.

Civil Rights
This is more than the fact that you may be able to convince the lady democrat of your dreams to date outside of her race or religion.  This also means that she feels strongly about feminism and all issues relating to it.  You won’t end up with a girl void of opinions and feedback.  You won’t end up with a girl who expects to be taken care of.  You may even have the opportunity to be a stay-at-home dad if you end up getting married and her career is able to make you a one-income household while yours is not.  She will also likely have gay friends, where that is another hot civil rights issue.  This is excellent news for you, because a gay male friend is able to give advice on the male brain like no other, because they look at it as a man deciphering another man’s romantic code on a daily basis.  It’s very helpful.  When you are having issues understanding one another, tell her to go have a date with one of her male gay friends, who will be able to explain to her exactly where the communication error is occurring and how to fix it in a way that you will understand.

Energy Independence
She will never want you to drive an inefficient vehicle.  Should you decide to “go green” in your choice of cars, you will only end up saving gas money, even if you don’t buy Global Climate Change as she does.  If you have to take public transportation at some point, she’s not going to freak out because it smells like urine and someone is sitting across from you who is clearly schizophrenic and creepy.  She’ll just be happy that you are being responsible (and cuddle closer for protection, in case the schizo decides to make a sudden movement).  Dates that require less travel or less energy are always a great idea, so you can just go for an evening stroll and call it a plan, and she’s not going to complain.  Think about how romantic candle light can be?  See!  There’s oh-so-many perks to this one.

You want an easy date idea?  Take a democrat on a date to the Saturday Farmers Market to go shopping for local and organic food.  Cheap, too!  This also means her hair will actually move in the wind, because she doesn’t spray it with aerosol hairspray until it is a brick.  She’ll love animals, so that means your dog or cat that you got because you were lonely will never be kicked to the curb (just maybe outside to a nice warm house if she has allergies).  She’ll also likely want to do yard work with you.

If democrats get their way, this means that she will have clean, not stinky breath because she has gone to the dentist.  She won’t be overly hormonal because she keeps her gynecological health in check with an annual exam.  She’ll live longer because she can obtain preventative care.  Your kids would be born as healthy as could be, and if something went wrong they could get the care they needed to become healthy.  Healthcare is a long-term issue, so it is harder to say how it will play in to your immediate dating situations, but the breath thing is a big deal.

Jobs and Economy
She’ll never want or expect you to be as rich as the 1%, so you can do what you love instead of what will get you the biggest portfolio and she’ll support it as long as it isn’t completely ridiculous. She knows the reality is two-income households and will expect to work. She’ll also recognize the need to take care of the less fortunate, without judgement, and be a charitable person. Who wouldn’t want to date a charitable person?

Open Government
She won’t stone wall you and be sneaky. Okay, okay, so this is a stretch, but one can’t believe that the government needs to be transparent in what they do without being transparent in their own life. That is hypocritical.

Science and Technology
You want to be an Apple Fanboy? Be an Apple Fanboy! You’re an Android Nut? Be an Android Nut! Technology is an important link in the chain to a cleaner, better world, so whatever helps move that forward, go for it! Create and do! I really don’t think this is an issue, other than perhaps green sciences, that either right or left minded people have a problem with, unless they are extreme outliers.

Voting Rights
If you really feel strongly about your own political opinions, no matter what they are, you should be glad that actually voting is important to her. Not only is it important to her to vote, it is important to her that you exercise your right to vote for whatever you want. Behind a curtain. In complete anonymity.

Some other highlights? More liberal people tend to name their kids more traditional names, while more political people tend to name their kids odd, made up names. (Here’s my source) Red States have a higher divorce rate than Blue States. (Here’s my source) And, should you ever run for a highly public office, your wife’s political affiliation could make it easier to get rights to your theme song. Clothing Designers will be happy to allow your wife to wear their clothing without a public disclaimer that it is “off the rack.” That is obviously important!  Oh, and one of my favorite kickers, in Schwarzenegger (R) vs Shriver (D), who was the one with the filthy, dirty secrets?

So, to answer your question, my friend, my political affiliation has no bearing on whether or not I get dates. Your social skills may have a bearing on whether or not you are getting dates. Plus, my political views aside, I’m a pretty fun person, so as long as a guy can allow me my right to my opinions, they’re in for quite the ride!


Whiny Baby

I have had a lot of customer service oriented jobs in my day.  Whether I am smoothing things over in the office, with a customer/client, or otherwise.  Through this experience, I have learned that the person who throws the giant tantrum is never the person you want to help resolve their problem.  You really just want to say “no” to them even more for acting so childish.  Whenever I have a problem with a service or business, I will either 1) not address the problem, just know that I will never be a repeat customer, or 2) address the problem directly and sternly, but try my hardest not to shoot the messenger.  I try to give people the benefit of the doubt.  I really don’t love confrontation, so I usually choose solution 1, and only result to solution 2 when there is a serious issue.
Well, this week, I have realized that complaining actually carries a lot more clout than you would think.  Let me present. 
Exhibit A:
I went to Red Mango 10 minutes before they closed.  The lobby was full of customers, and as my friend and I pulled up to park, we saw other patrons walking out the door.  Somewhere between when we parked and when we walked up to the door, someone had locked the doors.  The lobby was full of people, and I was there yanking on the door like a crazy person, trying to figure out why it wouldn’t open (yes it was a pull door, and I wasn’t stuck because I was pulling on a push door).  Locked out.  The patrons were staring at me with confused/concerned looks, like “Why is this girl unable to open a door.  That is a simple enough task.”  I looked at the hours posted on the door, and at my phone.  Sure enough, I was there 10 to close, and they had locked me out.  The little pimple-faced punks behind the counter didn’t even acknowledge my spectacle, which was sign #1 that they knew they were doing something sneaky.
So, what did I do?  I got mad.  I wrote a letter.  A strongly worded email.  I sure showed corporate Red Mango that I was upset.  How dare they let little lazy teenagers afraid of staying at work an extra 10 minutes come between me and my tart, low calorie goodness?  Well, they weren’t happy with my discontent.  I received an apology from the national Red Mango headquarters as well as one from the local franchise owner.  Both mailed me free Red Mango gift certificates to earn back my business.  Congratulations, Red Mango, you won my patronage back.  Good thing I’m easily swayed with cold, sweet treats.
Exhibit B:  
I was off work around 9:30.  I was hungry.  I didn’t want anything off of the CPK menu.  I don’t love pizza, and the 3 or 4 items I do order when I work were not sounding great to me.  So, on my way home I decided to stop for a SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito.  One of the few fast foods that can be ordered any time of day vegetarian style, and eggs are WAY better for my tummy that late at night than say a 7-layer burrito from Taco Bell.  I pulled in to one of the car-hop stalls and ordered.  On the other end was someone who clearly didn’t know how to take my order, as I had to repeat myself several times, and then my total came up to be half of what the posted price of my burrito plus the cost of a drink should be.  When the little car hop brought my food, she told me that the girl who took my order messed up (obviously), so they didn’t charge me for my drink.  I asked her if my order did come through as a SuperSonic Breakfast Burrito without meat.  She said it was, so I left.  When I got home, I opened the burrito to make sure I wasn’t going to be biting in to a big fat disgusting piece of sausage.  Well, not only would I not be getting meat, but it seemed the only thing that had found its way into the tortilla was a very burned scrambled egg and a couple of tater tots.  NASTY!  
So, what did I do?  I wrote another email.  Another firm letter explaining how my experience was less than satisfactory.  What did I get?  The next day, the shift leader called my phone to apologize and offered me a free meal and gave me his cell phone number.  A few hours later, the general manager of that location called and gave me his cell number as well as offered a free meal.  The following day, the regional manager called to see if I had been called by the first two and also gave me his cell phone number and a free meal.  WOW!  Can you say Sonic advocate for life?  Like the delicious pellet ice and Diet Dr. Pepper on tap wasn’t enough?  Give me free jalapeno and eggy goodness, and I’m yours!
So, what did we learn this week, children?  We learned that sometimes being a whiny baby when things aren’t exactly how they should be ends up with getting copious amounts of free junk food.  I am not saying to make up things to complain about if everything is fine, just to get free stuff.  That is dishonest and annoying, and anyone helping you would probably do everything they can to NOT give you something for free.  But, a firm email detailing your truthfully poor experience that is then handled in an over-the-top manner will turn a customer into a fan.  OR we learned that all you have to do to win CoCo over is give her free food.

Big Things Come In Small Packages

I know, I know… it has been a while!  My life has been busy this summer.  In the past month, I welcomed one brother home from his LDS mission in Washington, DC, welcomed a new sister into my family as my other brother married the incomparable Teresa, and found out that the baby baking in my sissy’s tummy is going to be a girl!  Shove Father’s Day in there, too, and you’ve got a very busy Miss CoCo.

So, this post is going to be short and sweet.  I’ve got a bit of writers block as I have had too much chaos as of late to formulate a witty thought.  I just came across this today and it inspired me so much that I wanted to write a quick note about it.  Today, while perusing Facebook, I came across this beautiful little girl with her own fan page.  Her name is Adalia Rose.  She is five years old, has more spunk than most people five times her age, and sucks you in with her gorgeous big brown eyes and cute little dimples.  She’s a true girly-girl, and loves to get dressed up in wigs and makeup, sing songs, and dance around.  She’s also very silly, and we all know how I love silly!  Adalia doesn’t look like most children, because she has a rare genetic condition known as Progeria.  I researched it to learn a little more about what makes this little girl so unique.  Progeria is sort like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, except instead of being born old and growing younger as he did, they are born old and grow even older very quickly.  People with this condition are very tiny, are unable to grow hair and eyelashes, and either get teeth slowly or don’t ever get teeth at all.  Their heads are also large for their bodies and they have high pitched voices.  Most live only until their teenage years, but some have lived into their twenties.  Needless to say, their short little lives are full of trials.  However, this young lady may be one of the most inspiring little people I have ever seen!

I have “liked” her on Facebook, and it appears that she has had a lot of trouble with people pirating her videos and such, so as much as I want to grab some videos for you, I won’t post anything on my blog except for a link to her Facebook page here.  I feel like it is really easy to get caught up in our own lives, our own struggles and complaints.  I dare you to watch any of her videos and not smile.  This teeny tiny package of joy and positivity will, hopefully, remind you that it is always better to smile and be happy.  Always.  If you can still have a bad day after watching her adorable video of doing an Indian Belly Dance that she posted on June 9, then you may not have a soul.  Girl’s got some serious moves!  Let alone the fact she is only 5!  I love her talent and her beauty, and I will definitely strive to be more like her.  Thank you, Adalia.

I also wanted to give a quick, semi-related, plug with this for a charity I feel strongly about.  Make-A-Wish Foundation is having their 24th Annual Rubber Ducky Derby. If you would like to donate, you can via my friend Stacey’s donation page, HERE.  It’s never a bad thing to help children achieve a dream!