Well, I think that my rapidly approaching 30th birthday is finally getting to me.  As much as I try to not let this magic number bother me, it just sounds old!  I keep telling myself that as long as I don’t feel it, and I don’t look it, I have nothing to worry about.  I definitely still feel 25, which is a great age.  I don’t feel like a silly frilly teenager, I have myself figured out more than an early 20’s person, so definitely 25.  That works for me!  However, that December 13 day keeps inching closer and closer…

The reason why I think that the age is getting to me is because lately, I’m OBSESSED with change!  I literally want to change everything in my life.  I quit my job (then un-quit, for the update, I still work at Mamabargains, KURU Footwear, and CPK).  I got rid of more than half of my clothes… Which reminds me, I should go shopping so I have some Winter clothes…  I recently went to visit my sister in Mesa, AZ, and I’m quite sure that after the holiday season, I’ll try to relocate there.  I would rather deal with 2 or 3 months of 120 degree weather than 6 months of cold.  I’m ALWAYS cold, and I hate it.  I was even cold when I was in Mesa in 90 degree heat.  So with work and home changes somewhat figured out, I had to change my “self” somehow.  Enter Megg Hansen, hairstylist extraordinaire!  Adore her.  I looked and looked for hairstyles and colors, but I couldn’t decide on one.  So, I just decided to jump.  I literally told her to do whatever she wanted!  I should note she is a Pureology and Redkin certified stylist, as well as teaches hair classes, so she’s pretty up on trends and techniques.  I wasn’t scared at all!  Just a couple of rules.  #1- I look terrible with red tones and #2- no she-mullets.  So, here’s the big reveal!

BEFORE (Long, dark brown hair) photo taken 2 weeks ago


She cut off several inches and then color melted my hair.  The roots are going to be getting a little darker next week, because Megg said she wanted to do it, and I’m cool to try it out, but here it is for now!  I love it!  I’ve had long hair for years.  It was definitely time for a change up, and an A-symmetrical cut is SO me.  It’s a little lop sided, just like me!  I strongly recommend anyone who is feeling a little stagnant to go play a little hair Russian Roulette by walking in to your hairdresser and let them do whatever they want.  It works!  It feels great!


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